Francisco Malta Romeiras, Jesuits and the Book of Nature: Science and Education in Modern Portugal (Leiden: Brill, 2019).

XVII + 281 pp. ISBN: 978-90-04-38236-7.

This book offers an account of the Jesuits’ contributions to science and education after the restoration of the Society of Jesus in Portugal in 1858. As well as promoting an education grounded on an “alliance between religion and science,” the Portuguese Jesuits founded a scientic journal that played a signicant role in the consolidation of taxonomy, plant breeding, biochemistry, and molecular genetics. In this book, I argue that the priority the Jesuits placed on the teaching and practice of science was not only a way of continuing a centennial tradition but should also be seen as response to the adverse anticlerical milieu in which the restoration of the Society of Jesus took place.

Francisco Malta Romeiras, Jesuítas em Portugal depois de Pombal. História ilustrada (Cascais: Lucerna, 2018).

XIX + 141 p. ISBN: 978-989-8809-57-5.


This book is an illustrated history of the Portuguese Jesuits after the 1759 expulsion by the Marquis of Pombal. It includes about 260 unknown photographs of the most significant Jesuit boarding schools and colleges in nineteenth and twentieth-century Portugal.

Book reviews:

Maria de Deus Manso, Journal of Jesuit Studies 6 (2019): 179–81.

Francisco Malta Romeiras, Ciência, Prestígio e Devoção: Os Jesuítas e a Ciência em Portugal (séculos XIX e XX), (Cascais: Lucerna, 2015).

288 p. ISBN: 978-989-8516-92-3

This book is based on my doctoral dissertation on Jesuit science and education in nineteenth and twentieth-century Portugal. In 2015 it was awarded an honorable mention in Portuguese contemporary history: Menção Honrosa do Prémio Victor de Sá de História Contemporânea. The public announcement can be read here.  


A short interview can also be read here.

Book reviews:

Agustín Udías, Journal of Jesuit Studies 2 (2015): 708–709;

Francisco Pires Lopes, Brotéria 180 (2015): 199–200.

Francisco Malta Romeiras, Henrique Leitão (eds.), Obra Selecta do Padre Luís Archer, S.J., 4 vols. (Lisbon: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2015–2017). ISBN: 978-972-31-1566-6

Volume I: História e Filosofia das Ciências (Lisbon: FCG, 2015)LI + 474 p.

Volume II: Ciência e Religião (Lisbon, FCG, 2016). XXIV + 342 p.

Volume III: Bioética (1980–1997) (Lisbon: FCG, 2016). XXXVII + 403 p.

Volume IV: Bioética (1998–2007) (Lisbon: FCG, 2017). XXXV + 500 p.

The books can be ordered online here

An interview conducted by Filipe d'Avillez can be found here.

Jesuits and the Book of Nature FMR 2019.

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